Drinks at The Town House

We have an extensive cocktail list to suit your tastebuds, be it fruity, non-alcoholic or something a little stronger. We use the freshest ingredients and add a little flair!

Cocktail Menu

Gastro Cocktails - £7.95

Blackbird : Vodka. Blackcurrant liqueur. Blueberries. Soda. Mint

French Revolution : Calvados. Grand Marnier. Apple juice. Egg white. Lime

Raspberry Gin Mojito : Raspberry Gin. Raspberries. Lime. Mint. Apple juice

Tequila Cherry Cola : Tequila. Triple sec. Cherry syrup. Lime. Coke

House Cocktails - £6.95

Negroni : Gin. Campari. Vermouth. Orange juice. Sugar syrup

Espresso Martini : Vodka. Espresso. Tia Maria. Simple syrup

Dark & Stormy : Rum. Ginger beer. Lime. Angostura bitters

Winter Garden : Prosecco. Vermouth. Peach syrup. Rosemary. Fruit

Virgin - £6.95

Spicy Margarita : Spiced seedlip. Soda. Jalapeños. Cinnamon salt

Blueberry Smash : Citrus seedlip. Lime. Blueberries. Orange juice

Elderflower, Lime & Mint Cooler : Garden seedlip. Elderflower. Mint. Lime