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Why we won't be re-opening our restaurant on July 4th.

It's been 3 months since we closed our doors, during that closure we have had fantastic support from our customers and the community, who are eager to show their support and return to dine at The Town House. I'm sure, for many people, todays announcement regarding the hospitality sector has been met with eagerness and excitement and businesses will be keen to open their doors as soon as possible, which we fully unsderstand. But our own approach is going to be more cautious and The Town House will not be open for business at the start of July. Halving the social distancing measures will not halve the difficulties that we will all face when we re-open. With no guidance about how to re-open safely and no support network if lockdown measures need to be ratcheted up again, re-opening a small independent restaurant becomes a gamble we cannot make. The prospect of taking reservations, stocking a kitchen, preparing a menu, calling staff back from furlough and re-opening, only to have to close again at a moment’s notice is too greater risk to take at the moment. 
Furthermore, the reason why The Town House has such a loyal and supportive customer base is because of the intimate and attentive dining experience that we offer and at the moment we cannot be confident that we can provide this. 
We appreciate the continued support during this scary time and hope to update you soon with our plans for re-opening.

We opened The Town House in February 2018 after several months of planning and building. We moved to the town when we saw a gap in the market for good homemade food in a restaurant environment and we’ve slotted in perfectly.


We are situated in the centre of Market Drayton, Shropshire on the main shopping street ‘Cheshire Street’ where there is ample parking both in front of and behind the restaurant.

The restaurant started out life looking very different and was once a cycle shop. After lots of hard work designing, planning and building it finally came together to become the beautiful intimate setting it is today – we literally built the place and we’re very happy with what we have achieved!!


It’s always great to receive praise and over the last few years we’ve been very lucky to receive some awards and nominations that show our hard work is being greatly received!


Thank you to everyone that has made a nomination.




Since we opened we have given vouchers for over £3000 to local schools and charities to help them raise money for great causes. We held a charity evening where we asked customers to 'pay what you think it's worth' raising £1680 for the local foodbank



We offer free hot drinks for OAP’s (sorry we have used that abbreviation!), yummy mummies (and daddies) every Thursday from 10.00 – 12.00 to give you a few hours rest to put those feet up and have a well-deserved rest! There’s no catch and we don’t ask for I.D!

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